Grey's Anatomy: Crash into Me - Part 2

Friday 18 June, 10:00pm on Five

More drama from Seattle Grace. In this second instalment of a two-part special, the hospital staff continue to deal with the devastating effects of a multiple car accident. Lexie holds a patient’s life in her hands, Meredith rushes to save a paramedic trapped in an ambulance and Derek’s brain surgery is halted by malfunctioning equipment. Nick (Seth Green, ‘Family Guy’), whose tumour surgery left an exposed artery in his neck, is chatting to Lexie when the artery explodes, showering her in his blood. As she stems the bleeding with her hands, she has to act fast to save his life. Once his condition has stabilised, the wise-cracking Nick cannot help but make fun. “You look like Carrie at the prom,” he jokes to Lexie. However, after a stroke leaves the patient in a critical condition, Lexie must use all of her inner resources to stay professionally detached. Out in the car park, Meredith and Webber work furiously to save the life of paramedic Ray, who is still suspended upside down in the ambulance cab. His partner Stan has already died and the doctors fear that Ray will also perish if immediate action is not taken. The procedure involves using a very large syringe, and has to be precise. However, the sight of the instrument sends Ray into a panic. “That’s a very big needle,” he yelps at Meredith. Will she be able to soothe Ray enough to perform the tricky manoeuvre so he can finally be cut from the wreckage? Elsewhere in the hospital, Erica’s blunt approach with her colleagues and lack of bedside manner is beginning to grate on several people, particularly Mark. After he asks her an innocuous question, Erica accuses him of getting by on his good looks alone. “If you were homely, you would have lost your job a long time ago,” she scolds. Mark gets his own back as she chastises herself for missing an obvious problem during an operation. “You’re as unkind to yourself as you are to everyone else,” he observes. Izzie, studying under Erica, is at first reluctant to copy her abrasive style of patient care. “Do you want to be a surgeon, or a social worker?” Erica asks her.

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