Grey's Anatomy: Forever Young

Friday 4 June, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. Bailey begins her first day as chief resident vowing to prevent personal dramas spilling over into the workplace. But when her old high school crush turns up in the ER, she finds her tough stance weakened. Elsewhere, a coach crash fills the hospital with students, and Thatcher Grey puts in an appearance. Following Bailey’s promotion over Callie to chief resident (see last week’s episode, ‘Physical Attraction… Chemical Reaction’), she decides to crack down on workplace dramas. “This will be a professional environment,” Bailey tells her fellow residents. “So your love lives, your hopes and dreams, the little joys and tragedies that make you who you are have no place in my hospital.” However, Bailey is forced to eat her words when someone from her past appears in the ER following a bus crash. She tells George that the patient, Marcus (DB Woodside, ’24’), is an old high school friend, but her flirting quickly makes it apparent that Bailey was infatuated with the strapping track star as a teenager. She confesses to George that, as a geeky student, she used to tutor him in her spare time. While Marcus appears outwardly unharmed, Erica detects a problem with his heart. When his condition quickly deteriorates, Bailey rips into Erica. “You should have taken the situation seriously,” Bailey says. “If you weren’t so busy flirting with the patient like a love-struck teenager, maybe you would have,” is Erica’s reply. As further victims of the bus crash flood in, Derek takes on the care of misfit teenager Danny. Danny is in need of urgent surgery after the force of the crash drove the pencil he was using through his eye. During the operation, Derek muses on the difficulties of teenage life for outsiders like his patient. “At least this kid’s life gets better after high school,” Derek says. “He deserves to see that.”

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