Grey's Anatomy: Lay Your Hands on Me

Friday 25 June, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky drama following the trials and tribulations of the doctors of a Seattle hospital continues its fourth series. In this episode, Bailey’s personal and professional lives collide after a terrible accident, Meredith and Derek’s relationship suffers a serious blow, and the presence of a faith healer in the hospital unsettles some of the staff. Erica and Alex prepare to operate on Mrs Archer, who needs urgent heart surgery. Upon entering her room, they discover that she is missing. She is eventually found in another room, placing her hands on a patient. Miraculously, the patient’s heartbeat stabilises as Mrs Archer collapses on the floor. As she recovers back in her bed, Mrs Archer exasperates the doctors by refusing to go ahead with her operation until she has a chance to heal her condition by unconventional means. Whilst waiting for the arrival of her ‘healing team’, several other patients on the ward are seemingly healed by the woman’s touch. Richard in particular is unsettled by Mrs Archer’s presence. “I can’t have a hospital full of sick people thinking there’s a miracle woman on the cardiac ward. It creates panic and hysteria, and frankly it’s bad for business,” he tells Bailey. It is decided that Alex should stay with the woman to persuade her to have the operation. Can Alex change his usually cynical attitude and save Mrs Archer’s life? Meanwhile, Bailey gets a shock when her husband Tucker bursts into the ER with their unconscious infant son. It transpires that the child was injured while trying to climb a book shelf. As Bailey and Tucker argue about who is to blame, the other doctors race to save the boy’s life. Bailey, in a hysterical state, bursts into the operating room where her son is being treated. Unwilling to operate on a child while his mother is in the room, Erica forces Bailey to leave. Bailey confronts Erica after the operation. “If I never have to look at you again, that would be all right by me,” she spits. Will her son pull through?

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