June 1 2010

  • Theresa takes off with Kyle
  • Jake learns from Adam what Loretta is really like
  • Darren talks with Josh about life in prison

Jacqui, Theresa, and Kyle

Feeling pressured by Jacqui at home, Theresa is looking for a way out as she struggles to cope with living in the McQueen house under the same roof as Jacqui and Carmel.

Although Jacqui feels that Theresa should have an abortion and even goes as far as booking the appointment, Theresa is yet to make a decision for herself about the baby, and rather than withstanding the pressure she decides to take off in a car with Kyle.

As Jacqui spots Theresa in a car with Kyle she chases after it to try and get her to come back, Theresa has gone though, and Jacqui is left wondering what to do as the murder weapon sits in her handbag.


Jake, Loretta, and Adam

Hoping to get some answers out of Adam about what happened yesterday, when Loretta’s not looking Jake jots his number down from her phone and arranges to meet up with him.

As Jake meets up with Adam he is confused by the way that Adam responds to him, and as Jake questions him about hassling Loretta yesterday; Adam informs Jake that it was the other way around and he actually has an injunction out against Loretta because of her psychotic stalker ways.

Jake is left with food for thought as Adam informs him to get away from Loretta as soon as possible; Jake’s not entirely sure whether or not to believe that his current girlfriend is a stalker, Adam’s words of warning however have clearly had an effect on Jake.


Darren and Josh

With the possibility of entering into a young offenders institute looming large, Josh turns to Darren for support as he has experience of being inside and can therefore provide a few pointers.

Although he doesn’t really want to worry Josh about what life is going to be like inside, he’s forced to let Josh know how it’s going to be as Josh tells him that he just intends to keep his head down and try not to talk to anyone; Darren lets Josh know that if he goes with the plan of not talking to anyone then he’s going to be asking for trouble, and the best approach is just to try and get on with as many people as possible and try to blend into the crowd as much as possible.

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