Justified: Blind Spot

Wednesday 16 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the tough action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this episode, Givens has to once again contend with members of the dangerous Crowder clan after an attempt is made on his and Ava’s life. When Ava is then kidnapped, Givens discovers that not all is as it seems. Already shaken by the news of Bo Crowder’s impending release, Ava is shocked to encounter Johnny Crowder while shopping at a hardware store. Johnny pretends to be buying materials for a deerhunting expedition, but makes it clear that Ava is the real target. It seems that the Crowders have not forgiven Ava for killing her abusive husband, Bowman Crowder (see episode 1, ‘Fire in the Hole’). The encounter rattles Ava, who already feels guilty about the shooting. Givens goes to Ava’s house to comfort her, but the couple are interrupted by a masked man who bursts in wielding a shotgun. After a struggle, Givens overpowers the assailant, throws him out of the window and fires off a few rounds. Upon arrival at the scene, police officers find a blood trail, suggesting that Givens seriously wounded his attacker. Although Givens is sure the intruder was not Johnny himself, he decides to go with Sheriff Hunter (Brent Sexton, ‘Deadwood’) to question him. On the drive up to Johnny’s bar, Givens learns that Hunter has a personal vendetta against the Crowders, since one of them raped and murdered his ten-year-old niece. After Hunter gets heavyhanded while questioning Johnny, Givens is forced to assume the role of peacemaker. Johnny, however, is unconcerned and says that the threats he made to Ava in the hardware store were not serious.

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