Justified: Blowback

Wednesday 23 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

The fast-paced action drama series following the adventures of fast-shooting US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. In this episode, Givens gets caught in a tense hostage negotiation with a dangerous prisoner, Ava is further threatened by the Crowder clan, and Winona has a run-in with one of her husband’s sinister associates. Ava is eating in a diner when the newly released Bo Crowder walks in. He notes the surprise on Ava’s face. “It looks like you’ve walked over your own grave,” he remarks. As Givens arrives, Bo starts making lewd remarks in an attempt to unsettle the pair. Givens, never one for insults, makes it clear that Bo is stirring up trouble. “Are you gonna walk out of here, or is this gonna go another way?” he asks the leering Bo. The ex-con decides to leave peacefully, but has clearly rattled Ava. Back at HQ, Givens prepares for an interview with Vasquez by going through some questions with Mullen. Also being processed in the office is Cal Wallace (W Earl Brown, ‘Deadwood’), a notoriously troublesome prisoner due to be transferred to a ‘supermax’ jail. Under the guise of going to the toilet, Wallace pulls out a shiv and holds his two guards hostage in the office’s locker room. The marshals evacuate the office and Mullen sternly gives the orders. “If you get a clear shot, put him down,” he says. Givens is chosen as the negotiator, and quickly makes it clear that he will use violence only as a last resort. “The point of this exercise is everyone lives,” he tells an agitated Wallace. As Wallace barricades himself in the room, Gutterson feeds a camera through the air vent. Wallace, however, has been through the hostage process before, so knows the time frame and routine of a typical negotiation process. He realises that any demands he has will not be met, and professes to Givens that his actions have an element of revenge. After years of being dehumanised by the prison system, Wallace is simply giving the guards a taste of their own medicine.

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