Justified: The Collection

Wednesday 2 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, the prosecution of an art collector leads Givens to investigate a murder plot tied to the artwork of Adolf Hitler. Givens and Mullen head to Cincinnati to seize the property of, and ultimately indict, con man Owen Carnes (Peter Jason, ‘Deadwood’) who is suspected of embezzling a large sum of money. The pair meet with gallery owner Karl Hanselmann, a collector of the paintings of Adolf Hitler, who is helping the marshals secure Carnes’s assets. Having no interest in art, Givens grudgingly accepts the case, but keeps his distance. When he is invited to see Hanselmann’s collection, he replies: “Honestly, I’d rather stick my dick in a blender.” Finding Carnes at the estate he shares with his wife Caryn, the agents serve him with an order that makes everything he owns, including three Hitler paintings, government property. When Hanselmann says that the paintings are forgeries, Carnes demands to see his art consultant, David Mortimer (Tony Hale, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Chuck’). Once the marshals have left, Caryn distracts Carnes as her horse trainer, Greg Davis, shoots him dead. It transpires that Caryn and Greg are lovers and intend to make Carnes’s death look like a suicide, in order to get the case against him dismissed and the assets returned. To keep David’s sale of the Hitler forgeries a secret, Caryn implicates him in the murder whilst promising to burn the forged paintings to protect his reputation. When the FBI arrives to find Carnes dead and a fireplace filled with the smouldering remnants of artwork, they prepare to drop the case, but Givens suspects Carnes was murdered.

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