Justified: The Lord of War and Thunder

Wednesday 2 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, Givens’s father crashes back into his life after getting in trouble with the law again. Elsewhere, the US marshal attempts to capture a fugitive hiding out in Harlan County. Arlo Givens – Raylan’s estranged, jailbird father – is found asleep in a property that he has ransacked with a baseball bat. Arlo’s defence is that he owns the property and his tenant, weedy kitchen salesman Stan Perkins, has not paid the rent. As Givens makes up for lost time with Ava, he receives a phone call from his stepmother Helen, asking him to bail his father out of jail. Givens, who has deliberately avoided his family since returning to Kentucky, reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Helen is besieged at home by Perkins and his two brutish nephews. Perkins claims that Arlo stole something important from his home during the rampage. “I need what your husband took from me,” he snarls. “So either I get it, or I kill him.” Arlo and his son arrive on the scene as Helen picks up the pieces. She has been attacked and the house ransacked. “Perkins never sent the rent?” a suspicious Givens asks his stepmother. “Well, it’s possible he might have done and we’ve forgotten,” Helen claims, evasively. “We’re old, Raylan.” Givens immediately suspects that his father is up to his old tricks. As Arlo prepares to wreak his revenge on Perkins, Helen comes clean to Givens about the events of the last few years. She discloses that Arlo suffered a heart attack two years ago, and has also been diagnosed with bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders. “He’s on medication now,” Helen adds. “He’s calmer than I ever saw him.” “He just busted up a man’s house and squared him in the balls!” Givens says, incredulously.

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