Law & Order: America, Inc.

Saturday 12 June, 10:10pm on Five

New York’s finest continue their fight against crime in the 16th season of ‘Law & Order’. In this episode, the murder of a private defence contractor is linked to an atrocity in Iraq. A shocking twist in the case forces McCoy to make an unpalatable decision. A man is found shot dead in a New York hotel room. Detectives Green and Fontana identify the victim as Jeffrey Pope, who worked for a private military firm in Iraq. Pope’s cellphone turns up in another part of the city and witnesses report seeing a man in a dark red car throwing it in the garbage. The cops’ enquiries lead them to a disgruntled colleague of Pope’s named Kevin Boatman (Pablo Schreiber, ‘The Wire’), who recently quit the firm over an incident that saw two fellow employees murdered by Iraqi insurgents. When questioned, Kevin denies the murder, but admits that he blamed Pope’s incompetence for the men’s deaths. Kevin flew back to the United States from Iraq for just 24 hours – time enough to kill his former boss. Van Buren, however, wants more proof. “He’s here less than one day and comes up with a car and a gun?” she asks. “He must have had some help,” Fontana replies. In search of Kevin’s accomplice, Green and Fontana pay a visit to the Howell family. Their son, Nick, was one of the two men who died in Iraq when he was brutally beheaded by insurgents. The cops grow suspicious about Nick Howell’s younger brother, Robbie – particularly when they notice he has a dark red car. Robbie breaks down during questioning and admits that he provided Kevin with the car and a gun. “Kevin said that someone should pay for what happened to Nick,” he says. Both he and Kevin held Jeffrey Pope responsible for Nick’s death.

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