Law & Order: Cost of Capital

Saturday 5 June, 10:10pm on Five

The veteran crime drama continues its 16th season. This week, police probe the death of a high-flying investment banker after his body is found dumped in the street. The trail leads to the man’s boss and her powerful but ruthless father. Derek Miller, an associate investment banker, is found dead in the street. Witnesses recall seeing a white SUV in the area at around the time the body was dumped. The ME reports that Derek suffered a cocaine-induced seizure after being hit about the head with a bottle. “Blow to the head probably triggered a seizure,” Rodgers says. “He was dressed post-mortem,” she adds. Green and Fontana speculate that Derek may have had an assignation with a woman at the time of his death. The detectives make a breakthrough when they discover Derek was having an affair with his boss, Sophia Keener. They go to question Sophia’s estranged husband, Robert White, but he denies having a motive to kill his wife’s lover. “Sophia and I are done,” he says. “She can bed who she wants.” Things start to look bad for Robert when the cops learn he traded in his white SUV the day after the murder. Did he dump Derek’s body in the street? When questioned, Robert’s new girlfriend, Natalie, offers further clues. She reveals that Robert received a call from Sophia on the night of Derek’s murder. “His wife called the house at two in the morning. After he hung up, he said he had to go into the city to see her,” Natalie says.

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