Law & Order: Positive

Saturday 26 June, 10:10pm on Five

The 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues to probe the criminal justice system of New York City. This week, the shooting of a hospital administrator leads Fontana and Green to probe the death of an AIDS-stricken girl. Evidence emerges that the girl’s zealous doctor tested a deadly cocktail of drugs on her in the hope of curing his own illness. A shooting in a diner leaves the restaurant owner dead and a hospital administrator wounded. The bullet grazed Elaine Clemens’s arm, but she is otherwise unhurt. Green and Fontana learn that a young man named Jeremy Miller was seen fleeing the scene of the crime. The detectives interview Miller’s foster parents and discover that his sister, Emily, recently died of AIDS at a children’s clinic. Elaine Clemens happens to work at the same clinic – implying she was Jeremy’s real target. “We think there’s a possibility he was aiming at you,” Fontana tells her. It transpires that Jeremy blamed Elaine Clemens and staff at the hospital for allowing his sister to die. Green and Fontana trace Jeremy to a park opposite the clinic. “They did this – the doctors,” he says. “I could have saved her!” Before the cops can intervene, Jeremy shoots himself dead. A suicide note blames Clemens for Emily Miller’s death: “Elaine Clemens killed her. Why was her head caved in?” Green and Fontana follow up Jeremy’s accusations by ordering an autopsy of Emily Miller. Sure enough, there is evidence of head trauma – which her doctor, Andrew Copelan, is at a loss to explain. The detectives then discover that Emily’s foster mother had taken the girl off her drug regime because it was making her worse. “Dr Copelan went ballistic,” she explains. “He said she couldn’t ever be off the regimen because she was part of a drug trial.”

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