Law & Order: Thinking Makes It So

Saturday 19 June, 10:10pm on Five

Police and lawyers team up to catch criminals in the Big Apple as the 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues. This week, a foiled bank robbery leads police to uncover the kidnapping of a sixyear- old girl. Fontana resorts to heavy-handed tactics to locate the missing child, leaving McCoy in a moral quandary. A bank robbery ends in bloodshed when the thief is shot dead by a security guard. The bank’s manager, Howard Grant, is arrested as an accomplice to the crime. At the police station, Grant refuses to identify the dead man, leading Green to believe he is protecting someone. Grant eventually admits that a pair of men kidnapped his six-year-old daughter Julie and forced him to help them rob his bank. Fingerprints identify the dead bank robber as Cyrus Lowell, a part-time waiter and full-time crook. Green and Fontana trace Cyrus’s father Mitch to a downtown hotel. Mitch explains that his room is being cleaned and meets them in the lobby, where they break the news of his son’s death. Back at the station, a background check on Mitch Lowell reveals that he too is a con man and thief. Fontana wonders if Mitch staged the kidnapping with his son. “How much do you want to bet that the ‘maid’ cleaning his room was a six-year-old named Julie Grant?” Van Buren asks. The cops swoop on the hotel but Mitch Lowell has disappeared. They eventually trace him to the house of his ex-wife. Fontana catches the kidnapper, jams a gun in his face and dunks his head in the toilet three times before he reveals Julie Grant’s whereabouts. The little girl is found safe and sound on a yacht moored off shore.

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