May 18 2010

  • Calvin and Carmel remarry
  • Lauren comes clean to Calvin that she’s not really pregnant
  • Dave and Charlotte attempt to seduce Tex

Mercedes, Carmel, Jacqui, and Malachy

Unwilling to witness Carmel’s marriage to Calvin, Mercedes makes her excuses as she tells Carmel that she’s feeling too unwell to attend the wedding.

Despite Mercedes’ unhappiness with Carmel and Calvin getting married, the ceremony still goes ahead whether she likes it or not, with both Calvin and Carmel looking very happy to be marrying each other again.

Calvin and Carmel are now once again married, with Malachy still out to hurt Calvin however it remains to be seen just how long the two of them will be continuing to be a happy couple.


Calvin and Lauren

With Gaz still being held in prison, Lauren is extremely angry with Calvin and is surprised to hear that her non-existent child is the reason why Calvin is so intent on causing trouble for Gaz.

Not wanting to keep lying any longer, Lauren comes clean to Calvin that there is no baby; Calvin is surprised to hear what Lauren has to tell him, relieved at the same time however to discover that his sister won’t be having Gaz’s child.


Dave, Charlotte, India, Tex, Josh, Ste, and Olly

With Dave and Charlotte both interested in India’s sister Tex, this is therefore the cause of much annoyance for India as she resents her sister’s popularity with the others.

Both believing that they stand a chance with Tex, Dave and Charlotte make a bet that they can get with her first, what they’re unaware of however is that Tex has heard them make it.

As people begin to start getting picked off the numbers are therefore dwindling, Josh meanwhile is keen to make up with India but seems to be getting absolutely nowhere with it.

Josh is determined to make up with his former friend but it’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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