my life in glendairy glendairy prison

i would like to know. how can someone go on tv channle. bang up abroad and tell lies. i contacted bang up abroad becouse it concern me if there are two people arrested for the same thing and put in the same prison then both people should have there say not just one person. cos that makes it all one sided. about the book about what i did over there but zara whittaker did say that terry donaldson added to the story like i was taking drugs crack and heroin also getting drunk which i dont drink. and also having sex with defrant men and getting down on them. and also that i picked zara whittaker on the street and took her to my home and said to her you can have all this what a load of crap iv nown zara for a long time. iv been trying to get hold of terry doanldson you cant destroy people life by lieing  thank you 

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my life in glendairy prison
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