Paranoia, bitching and Ben's cryptic convo

Paranoia, bitching and Ben’s cryptic convo

Housemates Nathan, Shabby and Caoimhe have been moaning that people are talking about them, and they’re right; they are.

Last night, Shabby told Caiomhe, “I really feel like, ‘If you want to talk about me, you want to talk about me’. I talk about you.

“I felt like when I came in with Mario talking they were trying to loop round [the conversation].”

Caoimhe replied, “That’s how I felt with Mario and Ben.”

And Nathan added, “There was far too much whispering, that’s why I left [the bedroom]

“There were Govan and John, then there’s Ben and Dave. Then Dave got into bed with Sunshine and they’re whispering.

“I’m getting f**king strange vibes mate.”

Stop using a strange vibro then dude…

And sure enough, at pretty much the same time, David and Ben were discussing how Ife, Caoimhe and Shabby’s friendship is affecting the rest of the housemates.

Speaking to John James, David said, “My outlook on it is that the three girls are going to isolate themselves more and more…

“You shouldn’t be that close knit, you make people feel like they’re trying to break in.

“When one of them gets voted out the others will try to get involved but I think by then it might be too late.”

Ben then decided that speaking in code was the way forward, and said, “David annihilated a bad sore, but in doing so encouraged a much worse one… festering causing much bigger problems.

“Do you get what I mean?”

Er, no, not a friggin’ clue Ben…

He added, “Because one is stupid and one isn’t and people who aren’t stupid are a lot more dangerous that those who are.

“Deep divisions would have been …alleviated [but] that person is still here.”

Ok… wild guess… you’re on about Sunshine? No? Give up then.

So can you solve the puzzle that is Ben’s little rant? Do let me know, please!

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