Peter Andre: The Next Chapter

Thursday, 24 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


The third episode of the series sees Peter and his children get an extra long luxury holiday in Dubai after volcanic ash grounds their flight home.

The programme sees Peter, Junior and Princess flicking through the holiday brochure as they prepare for their trip of a lifetime, with Junior announcing that he doesn’t want daddy to get eaten by the sharks at their resort.

As they settle into their first class seats on the plane, Peter tells the children how lucky they are and, when they arrive at their hotel, Peter is blown away by the size of the room and the two butlers and chef it comes with.

The next day the family head down to the beach to build sandcastles, but not before Princess and Junior have had their breakfast served to them by the butlers, much to Peter’s amusement.

Later, Peter has his reservations when he goes for a massage with a male masseuse, but is soon won over and relaxed.

Next on the trip, Peter and his brother Chris, who is visiting from Australia, go snorkelling with sting rays and sharks in the hotel aquarium before taking the children to feed the sting rays.

As the holiday draws to a close the family discover they are not going to be able to fly home when they thought they were because of a volcanic ash cloud which has grounded their flight. Peter’s manager looks into alternative options for the group, including chartering a boat or a private jet, while Peter and the children make the most of their extra time on holiday by heading off on a dune safari.

Eventually airspace re-opens and Peter and his family are able to get a flight back to England the next day as they reflect on their brilliant holiday.

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