Peter Andre: The Next Chapter

Thursday, 10 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV2


Peter Andre returns to our screens for the first episode of his new series. It’s been a rollercoaster year for Peter, and when we last saw him he was getting himself back on his feet and celebrating the success of his platinum selling album “Revelations”. Off the back of this success, this series sees Peter preparing to go back on the road for his first major tour in six years.

Spending the day with his children, Peter also attempts to squeeze in a little bit of work too. He’s being interviewed for his new picture book which is due to come out later in the year, but as much as Peter tries to settle the children down, it’s clearly the kids that rule the Andre household.

With his tour looming, Peter has to embark on rigorous dance rehearsals, it’s tough for Peter who hasn’t moved like this for a long time, but he’s buzzing from the challenge.

Peter’s excited to be heading back into the studio to film a pop video to promote his new album ‘Lovesongs’ and his brother Mike explains how he hopes 2010 will be a better year for them. Princess arrives at the shoot and Peter is delighted to see her. With the video in the can, Peter heads off on a nationwide signing tour to promote the album. His first stop is Coventry and Peter is bowled over by the love and support he receives. The next day, he does a lunchtime signing in Cambridge followed by a night time signing in Essex, where everyone seems to be agreement ��” Pete is “amazing!” Peter is buzzing from the direct contact with his fans and in a great mood, but late that night news comes in from Vegas that his ex-wife has remarried.

The next day, which had been booked in for weeks, is Peter’s big promotional tour around the Radio and TV station to promote his new album. It starts at Radio 1 with the Chris Moyles show, but although Peter is there to talk about his new album, everyone wants a reaction to the Vegas story. And it continues throughout the day, at almost every interview Peter conducts, there is only one question on everyone’s lips. Peter’s final interview is at Sky News, but after some very harsh questioning about the future of his kids, an emotional Peter finally cracks and asks for the interview to stop. We hear the reaction from all of Peter’s team, who are upset for him and feel that some of those questions shouldn’t have been asked. Finally, the next day, we hear Peter’s side and he defends his reaction although at the same time understands why he was asked those questions.

He heads to home town of Brighton where he gets massive support from the locals and is humbled by a fan called Kat whose own problems put everything into perspective for Peter.

The show follows Peter as prepares for the first night of his tour. Spanning across the final week, Peter is rushing here and there, squeezing in final rehearsals whilst also trying to sign off tour merchandising. Everyone is nervous for him but for Peter, it’s like being home again and despite some small technical problems he’s delighted with the performance. Everyone congratulates Mr Andre and Peter admits that being on stage makes him feel young again.

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