Police Interceptors on Fiver

Tuesday 15 June, 9:00pm on Fiver

The action-packed documentary series continues. In this instalment, four joyriders have a lucky escape from the wreckage of a Ford Mondeo, stolen property is found in the back of a vehicle, and the interceptors have to rush to stop a suicidal man from jumping on to the M25. It is the early hours of the morning and new interceptors Andy and Stewart spot a Ford Mondeo speeding through the sleeping streets of Aveley. As they tail the car, it spins and crashes into a fence. When it comes to a rest, the driver and three passengers flee from the vehicle. Andy quickly chases down and arrests a girl who was in the back seat, but Stewart loses the driver. In between Andy’s taunts, Stewart is quick to make excuse s. “I’m old and fat. I should give up smoking,” he confesses. Luckily the team saves some face after back-up officers pick up two young males, one of whom looks suspiciously like the fleeing driver. The pair naturally protest their innocence. Will there be enough evidence to prosecute the car thieves? Rob and Emily are patrolling the Dartford crossing, known to be a common route for Essex criminals who have been committing crimes in neighbouring Kent. When the officers pull over one vehicle, the owner is quick to admit that he is driving without insurance. This admission arouses suspicion from the cops, who believe the driver is trying to distract them. After searching the car, they find a brand new winch that has clearly been cut off a lorry. The driver’s insistence that he bought it is undermined by the presence of a screwdriver and, most damningly, a utility knife with traces of the winch’s paint on its blade. The driver is arrested and the winch returned to its grateful owner. Elsewhere, the team pulls over a car that seems to be missing its back lights. On closer inspection, it emerges that the lights are merely blacked out – with the use of nylon tights. The owner stretched a pair over the back lights to achieve a sleeker look for his vehicle, but the interceptors are quick to point out the danger of obstructing the brake and indicator lights. Given the choice of having the garments removed or being slapped with a fine, the owner opts for the former. Officer Glensman and the other cops joke about the unusual situation as they cut off the nylons. “You seem really eager to take those tights off – I’ve never seen somebody so eager!” he jests to a fellow policeman.

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