The Bill

Tuesday, 29 June 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1


P.C. Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) and P.C. Leon Taylor (Dominic Power) discover the body of a young woman in a holdall on a rubbish dump. The body is that of Luisa Dias (Deborah Pucci) a 28 year old Venezuelan woman. Tests reveal that she had been drowned the night before.

P.C. Kirsty Knight and P.C. Leon Taylor visit the flat Luisa shared with her boyfriend Dominic Fisher and their son Paulo (Rudy Talboys).They find the door open and there are signs in the bathroom that this is where Luisa was killed, however there is no sign of either Dominic or Paulo.

Whilst the team are searching Dominic Fisher’s home a young man turns up trying to gain access to the flat but flees when confronted by P.C. Leon Taylor. The man turns out to be Luisa’s brother, Roberto Dias (Carlos Moreno). Roberto is unaware that Luisa is dead. When the team tell him the news he is distraught, he claims that he was waiting outside Dominic Fisher’s flat for Luisa the night before as she had planned to leave Fisher but was worried about his reaction. Roberto waited for two hours but when Luisa called him to assure him she was fine, he left.

P.C. Leon Taylor (Dominic Power) and P.C. Kirsty Knight (Sarah Manners) believe Roberto’s account of events and know that they need to find Paulo as soon as possible. A fixer on Dominic Fisher’s phone tracks him down to somewhere on the Larkmead Estate, however the estate is massive and finding Fisher’s exact whereabouts proves to be difficult. D.I. Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) eventually gets through to Fisher on the phone but is extremely concerned when Fisher admits to killing Luisa and although Paulo is alive and with him, Fisher sounds on the edge.

There’s a breakthrough in the case when P.C. Kirsty Knight and P.C. Leon Taylor speak to Fisher’s grandmother (June Bailey) who gives them the address of her former home on the Larkmead Estate where she raised Dominic Fisher. P.C Kirsty Knight and P.C. Leon Taylor rush to the address to be faced with a traumatic scene.

At the end of a truly harrowing day P.C. Kirsty Knight and P.C. Leon Taylor find solace in one another and head off in a taxi after spending the evening drinking together.

THE BILL is a talkbackTHAMES production and a direct commission by ITV. This episode was written by Greg Evans, directed by Paul Wroblewski and produced by Sylvie Boden.

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