Big Brother 11: Andrew Stone casts Big Brother High the musical!

Big Brother 11: Andrew Stone casts Big Brother High the musical!

Yesterday, at 10am, Pineapple Dance Studios star Andrew Stone entered the BB house.

He’s there to cast roles for this week’s shopping task, which is a Glee themed musical named BB High. And once he’d organized the roles, he then began teaching the housemates how to sing and dance… yeah, good luck with that.

Click here to see Andrew entering the house.

Once the excitement had died down, Andrew sat the group down and explained what they’d be doing, and began auditioning for the roles in BB High.

Andrew was the first to sing for the other Andrew Stone, and he seemed a bit put out when Stone told him to stop singing after a few lines. “I can finish it if you like” Andrew said, but Stone firmly replied, “No, that’ll be fine thanks.”

Next up was Ben who was very nervous, and justifiably so since his singing was akin to a bag of cats being strangled.

Stone said only, “Thanks for your time.” That can’t be good can it?

Corin was next and though she immediately said, “I can’t sing”, she did her best, and Stone thanked her politely.

Next was Dave who was also worried about singing, so Stone said, “If you don’t sing in key it’s not a crime, I want you to connect with me.”

The rest of the housemates auditioned, and it seems no star is about to be born. Most of them couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket marked, TUNE.

However, Stone then cast the parts for the show, and they are as follows….

Lead Male: Steve

Lead Female: Rachel

2nd Lead Male: Mario

2nd Lead Female: Josie

Support Vocals: Ben and Dave

Backing Vocals: Corin and John James

Crazy Guitar Solo: Andrew

They’ll all record a music video of Don’t Stop Believin’, and on Friday at 11am, BB will post the video to Channel 4’s BB website. They’ll only pass the task if more than 100,000 people watch the video.

The housemates rehearsed pretty much solidly all day yesterday, with Stone overseeing things, but he got on our Andrew’s wick!

Click here to see why.

More BB news soon!

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