Big Brother 11: Save and Replace task revealed!

Big Brother 11: Save and Replace task revealed!

Today, nominated housemates Caoimhe and Rachel will take part in the Save and Replace task, which according to the Daily Star will see them dressing up as spiders.

Apparently, while wearing the spider suits, they’ll be “dumped” into a big bathtub and the first one to climb out wins.

However, Caoimhe told housemates last night that she intends to “throw” the Save and Replace task so that Rachel wins it.

But has she threatened to walk just one too many times for the rest of the housemates liking?

Well, it seems so because nobody – with the possible exception of John James – is taking her threat seriously any longer.

Dave spoke to Corin about Caoimhe’s latest threat to walk today. He said, “I think she’s worried how she’s going to be portrayed on the outside.

“Since Shabby’s gone, it’s been a downward spiral for her.”

And earlier on, Josie asked Dave if he thought Caoimhe was going to leave because of her jealousy over Caoimhe and John’s friendship, but Dave assured her that it wasn’t. He implied that Caoimhe will keep saying she’s going to go until she actually gets evicted.

So will she go? Will she ‘throw’ the task? We’ll let you know!

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