Burn Notice: Double Booked

Thursday 22 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Double Booked (Series 2: 8/16) Light-hearted US drama series about a spyturned- private detective. In this episode, an old pal of Westen’s returns from the dead and asks him to carry out a contract killing. Sam helps Westen track down the mysterious Bill Johnson. Returning home late at night, Westen finds an old special forces colleague, Larry Sizemore (Tim Matheson, ‘The West Wing’) waiting for him. Many years earlier, Larry was presumed dead when Westen and 15 other witnesses saw him walk into a burning oil refinery just before it exploded. Westen invites his old friend in, but insists on checking him for weapons first. “Mike, you think I would hurt you?” Larry quips. “That hurts me.” Larry explains that since faking his own death, he has been working freelance, but he quickly gets straight to the point. “I want to pay you a lot of money to kill a lady,” Larry tells his old comrade. Westen is not surprised that Larry is running a murder-for-hire operation, but the intended hit arouses Westen’s interest. The target is middleaged cancer nurse Jeannie, whose rich husband is dying. Someone – Larry will not reveal who – wants to stop Jeannie getting her hands on her husband’s money. Westen agrees to do the job, but he has no intention of killing the innocent woman. “If a cop comes within a mile of this, I kill everybody,” Larry warns. With Fiona’s help, Westen ambushes Jeannie, and the nurse immediately realises who is responsible for the bounty on her head. She tells the spies that her husband’s spoilt son from his first marriage, Drew, has accused her of being a gold digger. Westen orders Fiona to pose as Jeannie’s friend and stay with her for protection. At the same time, she bugs Drew’s room.

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