Burn Notice: Good Soldier

Thursday 29 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Light-hearted US drama series about a spyturned- private detective. In this episode, Sam and Westen mount a counter-surveillance operation against Carla. Westen goes undercover as a bodyguard to thwart the kidnapping of a teenage heiress. Outside the building that Bill Johnson entered with his forged pass (see last week’s episode, ‘Double Booked’), Sam attempts to convince Westen not to go inside. “You might be walking into a hornet’s nest,” he warns. Ignoring his friend’s advice, Westen enters the building, only to find it completely empty apart from a sniper’s perch facing out onto the water. Westen quickly works out that the only possible target is the ferry that passes the window every hour. Meanwhile, Sam spots Carla and places a tracking device on her motorbike. Westen escapes the building just in time, and later the duo trace her to an upmarket hotel, where they hire a room to observe her comings and goings. Sam works his contacts to gain a master key for every room in the hotel, and a means of bypassing the facialrecognition computer installed at Carla’s door. Once inside Carla’s room, Westen finds a stash of files detailing every aspect of her mysterious operation – except the name of the sniper’s target. Soon enough Carla contacts Westen to warn him off. “There are things in the works that are far, far over your head,” she tells him. “Stay out of them or there will be consequences.” Carla stays true to her word, and the spy is contacted by a distressed Madeline, who tells him that Nate has been arrested. Shortly before the police arrived, Carla phoned and ordered Madeline to tell Westen to back off. Sam and Westen follow Carla to the waterfront near the sniper’s perch, but they quickly realise that they have been set up – Carla expected them to be there and wanted Westen to see the shooting. Can the spy escape Carla’s surveillance team and stop the sniper in his tracks?

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