Burn Notice: Rough Seas

Thursday 15 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Light-hearted US drama series about a spyturned- private detective. In this episode, Westen and the gang attempt to track down the group of pirates responsible for stealing lifesaving medicines from a charity. Fiona and Westen try to learn more about the stolen sniper rifle. Virgil, Sam’s old SEAL friend, arrives in Miami to plead with Westen to help out the daughter of a good friend. Westen is not pleased to see Virgil at first, because he promised to stay out of town for his own safety. However, he softens when Virgil tells him that the girl, Marcela, runs a medical relief group, and a million-dollar shipment of medicines was stolen from her charity by pirates. Sam tracks down black-market prescription drug dealer Feldman, who operates from a golf equipment store. They soon discover that Feldman is merely a small-time dealer, but he agrees to arrange a meeting with his supplier, a volatile man named Gerard, after Westen threatens to expose his activities. Sam sets about befriending Gerard, and – after impressing the dealer by rescuing him in a barroom brawl – manages to arrange a meeting with him. The plan is to stage a heist and steal the charity’s drugs back from Gerard. Sam tells Gerard that he knows of a man who is storing a $2million shipment of steroids on his yacht, and together they decide to raid the boat. Sam brings Westen on board to play the part of a geeky pharmaceuticals expert. Westen and Gerard stake out the yacht, while Virgil plays the part of its owner. The heist commences, and the duo get away with the fake pharmaceuticals that Virgil and Sam have cooked up and hidden on the yacht. Gerard takes Westen back to his warehouse, but one glance around tells the spy he has no chance of finding Marcela’s stolen antiviral drugs without getting caught.

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