Could Don't Stop Believing be the worst show format ever?

It may have had 1.46million viewers but Five’s new talent show, a Britain’s Got Talent meets Glee, is utter rubbish.

While the open moments were impressive as all six acts of the night took to the stage to open the show in one giant combined number, it was all just a matter of “ok, that’s cool… but who are these people?”

Unlike most other talent formats, there are no audition episodes.  It’s straight into the competition.  Acts perform and then at the end of the show, people vote.  For 12 minutes!  For 12 minutes?  Are these people crazy?  I’m introduced to 6 acts, get a short intro, see them perform once and am then asked to decide who I want to see in the final.  It’s all just a bit quick, really.

And then there’s this super group thing. Say what?  So there are another 5 people who the producers have chosen to start a super group with and then each week, from people who audition in some Mall box, 5 more will be added.

This show is nothing more than an attempt at trying to ride the wave of success that Glee has generated.  It’s only real draw card is curiosity around who the acts are that will be performing on the night.  There is nothing about this show that encourages the development of a fan base which means that it’s longevity is going to be short lived.  It’s purely a quick financial shot in the arm.

There is certainly space for a show that combines singing and dancing but this just isn’t it.

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