Drug themes toned down in BBC's Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes’ infamous penchant for drugs will be played down in the upcoming BBC series.

Sherlock writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have said their adaptation of the famous Conan Doyle story will not feature as heavier drug themes as some may be expecting.

“Many people point out the drug use in Sherlock Holmes, but there are more references to Sherlock Holmes laughing than there are to taking cocaine or morphine but, oddly enough, people never think about that,” Gatiss said.

“I understand why, but the important thing is to not get it out of context with the rest of the character.”

Meanwhile, Moffat added that the theme was considered when they were re-shaping the Sherlock character for the modern day.

“I think you’d have to ask the question, would a man like Sherlock Holmes be a coke addict today?” he said. “In Victorian times everybody was taking some kind of drug, largely because there was no such thing as a painkiller. It is a very different thing to say that Sherlock Holmes is a coke addict now.”

Sherlock hits screens on 25 July at 9pm on BBC One.

Source: Digital Spy


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