Eamonn Holmes to present BBC Breakfast?

Now that BBC Breakfast is moving away from London to a new home in Salford, there’s going to be big changes to the team as people will invariably not want to leave the nation’s capital.

And so, who will front the new-look Breakfast? Rumour has it that it’ll be Eamonn Holmes.

Dreadful news.

The show’s current presenters – Chris Hollins and Sian Williams – are apparently not best pleased about the move up North, with some staff adding that the move is “utter madness”.

Boo hoo! Imagine that! A really well paid job making you up sticks!

Anyway, what many don’t realise is that, by virtue of the fact they’ve got a really sought-after job, there’s a big ol’ queue of people willing to take it off their hands.

The names already being put forward are This Morning hosts Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford.

“Eamonn loves breakfast TV and the biggest show in town is BBC Breakfast,” an insider told The Sun.

Fair play to him. If he’s willing to work/live outside of London, then let him have the job… although I’m pretty certain there’s a whole gaggle of people around the rest of the country who could be blooded and tried out.

If the BBC wants to be more reflective of the country, then maybe they should inject some fresh blood on our screens?

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