Eli Stone: Wake Me Up before You Go-Go

Friday 9 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the US drama series about a lawyer who develops prophetic powers as the result of a terminal brain aneurysm. In this episode, Eli helps a man who has spent the last five years in a coma try to regain ownership of his company. Jordan defends an old friend against accusations of racial discrimination. As Eli wallows in self-pity after his break-up with Taylor, a man in a hospital gown appears on his television screen, imploring Eli to help him. Before long, Eli is surrounded by the visions, each repeating the phrase “Help me, Stone” over and over again. A panicked Eli bursts in on Nate as he is attending to a patient.”Pleaseignorehim,”Nate tellstheman.”Thisismylittlebrother,who’sbeen attachedtomyhipsinceIwasthree.”Eliisaghast whenthepatientturnsaroundtorevealhimselfas the very samemanas the one inhisvisions. Later, Nate reveals that the patient, Jake McCann, has just awoken from a five-year coma. Eli begs his brother to ask Jake if he needs any legal advice. “He was in a coma,” he reasons. “Comas don’t just happen by accident.” Nate tells Eli that, to the contrary, Jake simply fell from his roof while cleaning the gutter. “If this ends up in a malpractice suit, I’m going to kill you,” Nate warns. Before long, Nate contacts his brother to inform him his patient wants to meet. Jake tells Eli and Maggie that, while he was in the coma, his wife Brooke left him for his business partner and best friend, Adam. To add to the pain, Brooke acquired Jake and Adam’s company as part of her divorce settlement from Jake, which was conducted while he was still in the coma. Jake tells Eli that he has turned down a staggering $10million from the couple to settle out of court. “I don’t care about money,” he explains. “I care about my company – and I want it back.”

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