Grey's Anatomy: Losing My Mind

Friday 23 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky medical drama following the lives of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Meredith and Derek treat a patient whose sanity comes under scrutiny, Richard’s old mentor requests life-threatening treatment and Rebecca’s increasingly erratic behaviour causes conflict between Izzie and Alex. “The problem with being a resident is that you feel crazy the whole time,” Meredith announces as she considers her sanity. Her psychiatrist Dr Wyatt has her own opinion as to why Meredith is so miserable. “You quit – that’s what you know how to do,” says Wyatt. This thought is echoed by Derek, who is unsure that Meredith can cope with the continued failures of their medical trial. Meredith, however, is adamant that she has more fight in her than people think. “I’m not a quitter and I don’t need you to rescue me,” she tells Derek. The pair’s latest trial patient is Greta, who wants to wait for her boyfriend Andre to arrive before she undergoes her operation. She knows that the procedure could kill her, so wants to see him before the doctors do their work. However, Meredith and Derek are told by Greta’s sister that she has never seen any evidence of Andre’s existence and that she believes he is a figment of her lonely sister’s imagination, brought about by the effects of her brain tumour. “We can’t wait for Andre, ‘cos we would be waiting for a long time,” she tells the doctors. Believing that whether real or not, Andre provides hope and comfort to Greta, Derek decides to delay the operation by a few hours so as not to upset his patient. This bothers the icily level-headed Meredith, who elects to tell Greta that Andre does not exist, upsetting her greatly. During the operation, the doctors are amazed to discover that Andre is in fact real and has arrived at the hospital. Will Greta survive the operation and see her true love once more?

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