Grey's Anatomy: Piece of My Heart

Friday 9 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky drama following the lives and loves of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Derek’s ex-wife Addison returns to the hospital, Rebecca has some shocking news for Alex and the doctors are occupied by a complicated operation involving a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Addison Montgomery returns from Los Angeles and is greeted by her old friends Richard and Bailey. From the outset they both try to convince Addison to rejoin the staff, but she insists she has just come back to Seattle to perform an interesting and unusual operation. A pregnant woman’s unborn child has developed with its heart on the outside of its body, so Addison has been called in to assist the team. Alex is also on the surgery team, and the positive attitude of the pregnant woman’s husband starts to grate on him. “Something about the guy just makes me want to punch him out,” he tells the other doctors. After giving the husband a piece of his mind, Alex is sternly reprimanded by Bailey. “Right now you’re feeling a lot of your feelings out in the open. Do me a favour and stuff them back in,” Bailey warns. However, he is preoccupied when his lover Rebecca appears at the hospital and announces that she is pregnant. Will this news make Alex finally face up to his responsibilities? Elsewhere, Addison’s arrival ruffles the feathers of several members of staff, including Derek and his ongoing love interests Meredith and Rose. Furthermore, Addison’s observation on the nature of Callie’s seemingly intimate relationship with Erica causes Callie to become defensive. “I’m a huge, huge fan of penis,” she tells Addison. Callie then decides to prove her heterosexuality by sleeping with Mark, to Erica’s dismay. Is Callie denying her real feelings for the sake of appearances?

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