Grey's Anatomy: The Becoming

Friday 16 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky medical drama following the lives and loves of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Meredith and Derek examine their own relationship as they treat a gay soldier, an awkward love triangle develops between three members of staff, and Mark finds himself in hot water with the nurses. Meredith has another session with her hospitalappointed psychiatrist Dr Wyatt, and it appears that she is still not over her on-off romance with Dr Shepherd. “Every time Derek walks into the room, all I can think about is his tongue – in my mouth,” she says. This is a major concern for Meredith because she and Derek are about to perform a delicate operation and she cannot be distracted. The pair now have a fifth candidate for a cutting-edge brain tumour operation. All four previous test patients died during surgery, and Derek and Meredith are anxious that the surgery work in this instance. Derek and Meredith’s latest patient is Darren, a young soldier who arrives with his father. Soon after their arrival, Darren’s friend and fellow soldier Todd joins them, much to Darren’s surprise and discomfort. When the two army men have a moment alone, they share a passionate kiss, which is interrupted by Darren’s father. Enraged, he orders Todd to leave Darren’s bedside. Will Darren be able to stand up to his father and the prejudices of the military, or will he elect to deny that he and Todd are lovers? During Darren’s surgery, Derek and Meredith share an intimate moment, but Meredith has resolved to put the past firmly behind her. Derek is therefore shocked when, given the chance, Meredith spurns his subtle advances, and suggests that he go home with his new love interest, Rose. Derek acquiesces but is tortured by his remaining feelings for Meredith. “I slept with Rose. The whole time I was thinking about Meredith,” he confides to Mark.

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