Justified: Bulletville

Wednesday 28 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

The action drama series following the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens concludes its first season. In this explosive episode, the disagreement between Boyd and his father escalates to murderous levels, and the Miami mob finally catches up with Givens in a climactic cabin shootout. Boyd goes to Ava’s house in the middle of the night. Ava, still jumpy after several run-ins with the Crowder clan, meets him at the door with a shotgun. She is surprised to learn that all he wants to do is make amends for his past behaviour. “How about you leave here and never see me again?” Ava suggests. At that Boyd leaves and meets his cousin Johnny. It is revealed that Johnny tipped Boyd off about the large ephedrine shipment that was subsequently destroyed (see last week’s episode, ‘Fathers and Sons’). However, Johnny was unaware of Boyd’s destructive intentions. “This is bat-shit crazy,” he tells Boyd. When Bo discovers that Boyd blew up his drugs shipment, he goes to visit his son at the woodland compound, taking his armed henchmen with him. “You know what happens to bad boys – they get spanked,” Bo tells Boyd. After getting Johnny to savagely beat Boyd, Bo then exiles his son, cutting off all future contact. As Boyd walks away from the compound, he hears gunshots. Boyd returns to the hideout to find that Bo and his cronies have strung up and shot all of his ‘disciples’. A distraught Boyd buries his followers, and tries to pray over their graves. The incident has made him question his faith, and he finds it impossible to connect to God. “Maybe I’ve just been talking to myself this whole time,” he mutters. Meanwhile, Bo goes to see Arlo at Givens’s motel room. Arlo once again makes the offer of being Bo’s inside man with the police, but Bo wants proof that he can trust Arlo. As Bo is in trouble with the Miami mob, he wants to give them a peace offering – Givens. He therefore asks Arlo to trap his own son and hand him over to Bo’s henchmen. When Givens comes back to the motel, he realises that Arlo is acting peculiarly, and draws on his father before Arlo can trap him.

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