Justified: Hatless

Wednesday 30 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

The fast-paced action drama series following the adventures of fast-shooting US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. In this episode, Givens offers to help his ex-wife when her husband’s shady real-estate deals place her in danger. On leave pending an inquiry into his myriad recent shootings and maverick methods, Givens decides to drown his sorrows at a seedy bar. While there he loses both a brawl and his trademark hat to a pair of surly drunks. He decides to call Winona for help and sympathy, but receives neither. “You’re a little too old to be fighting, aren’t you?” she asks. “Certainly too old to be losing,” Givens replies. Whilst talking with Winona, Givens learns of the unexpected visit she received from Wynn Duffy (see last week’s episode, ‘Blowback’) and agrees that Wynn may be involved in a shady deal with her husband Gary. It transpires that Gary is in way over his head with Duffy’s associate, loan shark Emmitt Arnett, so turns to his friend and burly ex-pro American football star Toby Griffin for help in getting the mobsters off his back. After tracking Toby to his house, Duffy and his henchman Billy Mac tell him to steer clear of their business with Gary. After hospitalising Toby to make their point, the thugs tell Gary that they are not willing to renegotiate. When confronted by Winona, Gary decides that it is time to regain her trust, and explains to her that he turned to Arnett and his gang for money when his latest real-estate deal threatened to implode. This only led to further problems when the gangsters asked for their money back. Meanwhile, Givens quietly works his contacts for information about Arnett and Duffy, eventually locating Billy Mac. As Givens presses Billy Mac for the details of Duffy’s plan, Gary sets his sights on avenging the beating that Toby received. Will Givens be able to halt a seemingly inevitable showdown? And will he be able to retrieve his beloved hat from the drunks at the bar in the process?

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