Justified: Veterans

Wednesday 7 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

The action drama series following the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. This week, Boyd’s religious crusade is complicated when he becomes an unwitting ally to his father. Givens once again tries to take down the Crowder clan, before realising his father is complicit in their schemes. Due to Boyd’s fiery disposal of a drug dealer’s methamphetamine lab (see last week’s episode, ‘The Hammer’), Bo Crowder has been benefitting from a wealth of new nefarious business opportunities. Bo visits his son at his religious compound to give him a share of the new profits. Despite some initial reluctance, Boyd takes the money. The local townspeople assume that Boyd’s religious facade is simply a clever trick so that he can carry out criminal activities for Bo – a motive that Boyd vehemently denies. Meanwhile, Givens, racked by guilt over Boyd’s actions, brings in some of his enemy’s ‘flock’ for questioning. None of them will say a bad word about their leader, and all seem consumed with an evangelical fervour. What plans do Boyd and his followers have in store, and what do they intend to do with Boyd’s stockpile of weapons? Elsewhere, Givens has to intervene in an ongoing feud between his father Arlo and Bo Crowder. It transpires that Arlo was put in charge of extortion collections while Bo was in prison, but did such a poor job that money is now owed to Bo. Given an impossible deadline to pay the money back, Arlo considers leaving town, or even killing Bo. However, in the end he seeks Givens’s help. Will Givens be able to stop blood being spilled? The marshal’s ongoing troubles with the Crowder clan are further complicated by Bo’s continued interest in Ava. Bo decides to have her followed, meaning that Givens has to keep Ava safe at Winona’s house. How will Givens’s past and present love interests get along, especially now that Winona’s marriage is failing and she seems to have a renewed interest in her ex-husband?

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