K-Ville: Bedfellows

Wednesday 7 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama series following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. The murder of a city councillor leads Cobb and Boulet to a local brothel, where they uncover a web of corruption that stretches right to the top of the local judiciary. The two officers soon realise that even Embry might not escape with his reputation intact. As the naked body of New Orleans councillor and former district attorney Clay Beelman is pulled from the water, Cobb removes a false fingernail from the dead man’s skin. With the help of his wife, Boulet traces the false nail to a local salon. The salon owner promptly identifies the nail as that of one Laine Rogers. “I always do special designs for the Poplar House girls,” she explains. When a confused Cobb asks for clarification, Boulet explains that Poplar House is the name of a local brothel. Boulet informs Embry that they are going to raid the brothel, but he reacts strangely. “He’s just picking his battles,” Boulet reassures Cobb. “You mess with Poplar House, you piss off a whole lot of powerful people.” The truth behind this sentiment becomes apparent when the cops burst into the brothel. “What’s going on? The NOPD always calls for an unscheduled raid,” the madam, Marquetta Dinovi, cries. The officers even spot one of the city’s distinguished judges at the foot of the stairs. As Cobb heavy-handedly searches the upstairs rooms for a prostitute with a missing fingernail, Embry arrives on the scene. “What don’t you understand, Cobb?” he blazes. “I’ve got this.” As he orders Cobb out of the room, Embry begins to remonstrate with one of the girls, Sarah, whom he clearly knows well. Embry tells his fellow officers that Sarah is one of his sources, but Cobb has his doubts. “The man’s got his vices, but whores ain’t one of them,” Boulet insists.

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