K-Ville: Cobb's Web

Wednesday 30 June, 10:00pm on Five

Continuing on Five this week is the US police drama set against the backdrop of a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. In this instalment, the investigation into the case of three prison escapees brings back painful memories for Cobb. As the officers track the missing prisoners, they uncover a web of corruption and rampant greed that poses a risk to the entire population of their devastated city. Cobb is awoken from a post-shift dream about his own escape from jail by news of a real breakout by three detainees. “The sooner they get back in prison, the sooner we get back in bed,” Embry announces, rallying his entire force to help with the search for the fugitives. Rather than joining the manhunt, Cobb convinces Boulet to help him question the escapees’ known associates. “I can’t wait to explain this to Embry,” Boulet remarks. “Cobb tapped in to his special prisoner powers to get into the mind of a fugitive and become one with evil.” In spite of Boulet’s reservations, Cobb’s plan pays off and leads the partners to the three men. However, one fugitive, Tim Dunlevy, manages to escape after Cobb is distracted by an enthusiastic deputy (Jamie McShane, ‘Sons of Anarchy’) who seems hell-bent on taking down the prisoner. When Cobb and Boulet bring in the captured men for questioning, Deputy Carlsson once again disrupts the process. Aided by the influence of prison boss Terry Deville, Carlsson is able to return the criminals to prison without proper questioning, much to Boulet’s disbelief. As it emerges that Dunlevy masterminded the escape, Embry discovers that the fugitive received his two-year sentence for the minor crime of being drunk and disorderly – his first offence. Swann blames her nemesis Deville, who is paid a premium for every inmate his prison takes, for this injustice. “Before Katrina he was raking in over 100 grand a day,” she reveals. “So it’s to his advantage to jam as many people in there as possible.”

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