K-Ville: Critical Mass

Wednesday 21 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post-Katrina New Orleans. When the deacon is killed during a service at the church Boulet attended as a boy, the officers meet with a wall of silence from the congregation, and Boulet’s mysterious grudge against the priest threatens to derail the investigation. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Cobb and Boulet are alerted to reports of shots fired inside a church. At the scene, Boulet reveals that his family used to attend the church. “But we don’t come here any more,” he adds, darkly. The officers suspect a hostage situation, but they enter when they hear the congregation singing. Inside, all appears to be normal. “I always hoped you’d walk back through that door,” remarks the priest, Father Dennehy. “But maybe not armed for war.” Cobb is shocked when his partner responds aggressively to Dennehy. “Shut your mouth,” Boulet snarls. As the priest tells Boulet that they would have heard the shots because they were in silent prayer, the congregation -most of whom have known the officer since he was a child – round on him. Just as Cobb is beginning to suspect a false alarm, he notices blood spots on a sheet, and lifts it to reveal a dead body hidden underneath. Boulet immediately identifies the man as Deacon Jared Smith. “Since you’re the boss here, I’ll let you tell me first what went down,” Boulet growls at Dennehy. But the priest – himself an ex-police officer – refuses to cooperate. “From my time on the force I seem to recall something about a right to remain silent,” he smirks.

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