K-Ville: No Good Deed

Wednesday 14 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama series following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. As the officers hunt down the killer of a kind-hearted local woman, they uncover some disturbing truths about the victim’s past. Cobb’s cover is nearly blown when a good deed goes wrong. When bar owner Mary McDonald is found murdered on a makeshift altar outside her establishment, the cops at first conclude that it was a ritualistic voodoo killing. However, Boulet pulls out his knowledge of voodoo – learned to impress a girl when he was younger – to establish that the crime scene was staged. “This junk makes no sense,” he argues. “A chicken foot, a glass eyeball? There’s no message in this garbage.” The officers struggle to find any record of Mary’s life before she moved to New Orleans five years earlier. Ginger traces the voodoo articles found at the crime scene to one of Mary’s employees, Sam Winston. Sam tells the police that she and Mary used to be an item, but they split up because her lover seemed to be hiding a huge secret. The voodoo items were at the club because Mary had asked her ex to cast a protection spell to ward off evil. Meanwhile, Cobb and Boulet discover a month-old newspaper clipping outing Mary as the well-known local ‘guardian angel’ who anonymously paid off people’s bills for them after the storm. The journalist who uncovered her identity tells the officers that Mary had not wanted to be identified, but he printed her picture regardless and the story ran in all the national papers. Cobb realises that the story was printed around the same time that Mary became scared and asked Sam to cast the spell.

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