Police Camera Action

Thursday, 29 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

Brand new series presenter GETHIN JONES is at the helm of an action packed, fresh new format as the revamped Police Camera Action returns to ITV1 with four new programmes this summer.

Every show tackles head on a different issue currently affecting Britain’s road safety including speeding, distracted driving, young drivers and sleep deprived lorry drivers.

In each programme Gethin meets drivers who admit to taking risks behind the wheel. In-car camera footage shows how reckless their driving can be. The series challenges them to confront the reality of the dangers they pose to themselves and others in hard-hitting tests. Gethin also meets families forced to live with the devastating consequences of criminal driving and introduces them to the drivers who, hearing their tragic stories, are left to reflect on their own habits on the road.

Each episode also sees Gethin out on patrol with the police, as he immerses himself in the world of traffic crime, drawing attention to some of the most significant law enforcement issues on the road today.

And Gethin admits to his own past driving mistakes, speeding and using a mobile phone. He demonstrates the potential danger of one of them, speeding, along with other transgressions by getting behind the wheel in a series of experiments. He compares the effect of texting whilst driving to the consequences of being over the drink driving limit. He also drives an HGV after just four hours of sleep to examine how devastating the consequences of sleep deprivation can be. The shocking results of these challenges highlight just how easy it is to become a dangerous driver.

The series features insightful and emotional first-hand accounts from both victims and perpetrators of driving crimes. Some are telling their stories for the very first time to send out a strong road safety message in the hope of preventing tragedies similar to those they have experienced.

And Police Camera Action still contains heart stopping police footage showing the real life dangers of speeding and other reckless manoeuvres. The new series is must-see television and sees the return of one of ITV’s best loved brands.

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