Steven Seagal: Lawman

Tuesday 27 July, 11:20pm on Five USA

Movie star, martial arts don and musician Steven Seagal turns deputy sheriff in this exciting reality series. Cameras follow Steven in his parttime role as a reservist lawman with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. In the first episode this week, the deputies investigate an incident with a gun, and Steven spends time befriending members of the community. In the second episode, officers respond when a man is shot in the back, and the team undergoes firearms training. “I make a living in the movies, but for the last 20 years I’ve also been a cop,” says Steven Seagal. “Along with some of the finest deputies on the force, I serve the people of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.” Steven was sworn in as a reservist deputy sheriff for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO) in the late 1980s at the request of then-sheriff Henry Lee, after he helped train recruits in the ways of martial arts. “It can be very dangerous out on the streets,” Steven says. “But nothing is more important than protecting the people of this parish and honouring the name of Harry Lee.” In the first episode, the team responds to reports of a man brandishing a gun. “When there’s the possibility of guns being involved, all my senses are on high alert,” Steven says. The suspect is detained, but not before Cpt Alex Norman spots him disposing of his weapon. Steven searches the man and discovers a thick roll of cash in his pocket. The deputies scan the area for drugs that the suspect might have been selling, without success. “The good news is we got a gun off the street,” Steven says. The man, who was on probation, is subsequently sentenced to ten years in jail. Steven takes time out to reflect on his mentor, the late sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Harry Lee. Sheriff Lee placed a great emphasis on improving community relations. “Being a police officer is not so much about getting the bad guy as being a friend to the good guy,” Steven explains. The team stops in one neighbourhood to chat with residents and put a human face on the officers. “Steven Seagal working with the sheriff’s office gives us an opportunity to break the ice,” Sgt Larry Dyess remarks.

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