Will Big Brother move to Channel Five?

There’s been a lot of talk around boring media circles about a bloke called John De Mol.

Now, this chap is being linked to a bid for Channel Five after RTL put it up for sale. This is boring right?

Well, De Mol is the creator of Big Brother, which is leading to mutterings that the show might be making a move, one button up on the remote.

If De Mol wins the bid for Five, it is understood that one of the conditions is that he’ll provide content for the broadcaster.

Even though Big Brother hasn’t been getting the ratings that Channel Four would like, you have to assume that, even in the beleaguered state that Big Brother is in currently, Five would bite their arm off for that audience.

De Mol created Big Brother in the ’90s and it was a runaway success which transformed the way people made television.

Who is to say that, with a fresh channel to play with, the show couldn’t be huge again?

Sky have been rumoured to be sniffing around the show, but have yet to make a serious play for it.

With Big Brother finishing on Channel 4 for good at the end of the current series, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Don’t wave goodbye to it just yet.

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