30 Years of An Audience With

Saturday, 31 July 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

30 Years of An Audience With… will give viewers the definitive history behind the legendary ITV entertainment series. An Audience With… relives all the best moments and hears how they came about from the stars who captivated TV audiences over the years.

An Audience With… has showcased momentous performances by some of the best-loved talent in the world including The Bee Gees, Lionel Richie, Take That, Ken Dodd, Victoria Wood, Shirley Bassey, Joan Rivers and Al Murray. Throughout this series we’ll celebrate the exceptional talent and wonderful performances given by our greatest entertainers.

In this third show we look back at the unforgettable performances of Freddie Starr, The Bee Gees, Joan Rivers, Bruce Forsyth and Ricky Martin with revealing interviews including Robin Gibb, Joan Rivers and Bruce Forsyth.

We’ll hear how comedian Freddie Starr terrified the audience in both the Audience Withs he hosted with crazy stunts like seemingly throwing knives at a blindfolded Garry Bushell and appearing naked in a tank of water. But we’ll hear how his best remembered stunt was throwing live maggots over the audience (though they mostly ended up over Faith Brown).

We look back at the performance given by The Bee Gees who jumped at the chance to host An Audience With… and shared many childhood memories with the audience. They also performed some of the songs they had written for other artists and welcomed special guests Boyzone to sing with them one of their all time classics, ‘Words’.

We’ll hear how Joan Rivers set the stage alight when she performed her first Audience With in 1984. Her shocking style of humour really hit home to the British audience who barely knew her ��” but soon she would be a household name. Not knowing most of the audience meant she knew no boundaries resulting in a classic moment when she quizzed the Royal designers the Emanuels on the size of an engagement ring. She was back for a second time in 2006 when she shocked the audience again, this time talking about her husband’s suicide.

All round entertainer Bruce Forsyth waited until 1997 to show the celebrity audience his extraordinary range of talents from tap dancing to singing. As we see, at one stage Bruce was even joined on stage by the Bruce Forsyth Appreciation Society.

And finally we recall how singer Ricky Martin brought his Latin charm to the stage in 2001 and gave a full-on concert to the delight of the audience who said it felt like being at a proper gig. Word had got round that Ricky would be joined by a special guest star on stage, but no-one guessed that it would be Kylie Minogue!

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