Big Brother 11: Mario Mugan’s Secret – Was Mario, Maria?

Big Brother 11: Mario Mugan’s Secret – Was Mario, Maria?

You may recall that a few weeks ago, Mario told the housemates – and in particular, Govan – that if he left, he would share a big secret with the group.

Well of course he didn’t leave, and most people seem to have forgotten about it, but yesterday, JJ remembered and asked him, “What is your big secret Maz? You can surely tell us now, come over and whisper it to me.”

Mario refused to spill and Andrew backed him up saying, “I know his secret, but he really cannot tell anyone.”

I suspect Mario’s secret is that he’s had a sex change – or gender reassignment if we’re being PC about it – and used to be female.

What reason do I have to think so? Well, primarily that he doesn’t seem to have an Adam’s Apple to speak of. Of course, some men don’t have a prominent AA, but there’s also his hands, which though fairly large, also look as if they could easily have belonged to a woman…

So what do you think? Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely or could this be his “big secret”?

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