Burn Notice: Do No Harm

Thursday 5 August, 9:00pm on Fiver

Light-hearted US drama series about a spyturned- private detective. This week, Michael Westen and the gang help a man who was conned out of the money he needs to pay for his sick child’s life-saving treatment. Carla denies all knowledge of the attempt on Westen’s life. Having just recovered from a frantic car chase, ever-alert Westen spots a suicidal man on the verge of walking into the oncoming traffic. Westen impulsively grabs the emotional man before he is injured. The man, Kenny, tells Westen that he was trying to kill himself to get an insurance payout for his sick six-year-old son, who has a serious heart condition that can only be treated at one expensive clinic. However, Kenny can no longer afford the $250,000 treatment fee because a group of con artists tricked him out of his savings. Kenny tells Westen how he met a woman in a pharmacy who put him in contact with the doctor who cured her son’s condition. “It looked like it was working – until the doctor vanished,” Kenny says. “It turned out to be pep pills mixed with painkillers, and it made Jack worse.” Despite his special ops training, Westen finds it difficult to hide his emotions from Kenny. “I will get you your money back – by any means necessary,” he assures his newest client. When Westen breaks the news of his latest venture to Sam, his buddy is less than impressed. “It’s irresponsible – you’re raising this guy’s hopes,” Sam insists. “Not to mention that you’ve got guys trying to kill you.” However, Sam soon comes round to the idea, and Westen sends him to flash his cash in a local clinic in order to attract the con artists. Fiona steps in to publicly offer him some black market medicines, which draws out one of the scammer’s heavies, Todd.

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