Burn Notice: Hot Spot

Thursday 19 August, 9:00pm on Fiver

This light-hearted US drama series follows the adventures of a spy-turned-private detective. This week, Westen assists a young college footballer who is being victimised by a ruthless gangster. Elsewhere, Fi comes a step closer to identifying the culprit who planted a bomb in Westen’s apartment. Sam approaches Westen with a proposition. He can secure them free tickets to see the Miami Dolphins if they help out a friend of his with ‘a little problem’. Westen and Sam pay a visit to Shawn Martin, an American football coach at a local college. One of Martin’s star players, Corey Jensen, recently got into a fight with a gangster named Felix. “Word is he wants Corey dead,” says the coach. Felix and his gang of car thieves now have Corey in their sights. Westen is reluctant to get involved, and even less keen to tackle Felix’s entire mob. Fi urges him to change his mind after meeting Corey and his 15-yearold sister, Tanya, and hearing their story. “It seems this man Felix took Tanya for a ride in his car and then he attacked her,” Fi says. “She escaped – barely. Then Corey went after him with a baseball bat.” Westen believes the matter is a job for the police, but Fi’s strength of feeling wins out. “You’re letting your emotions get the better of you,” Westen tells her. “I feel verystrongly about this,” Fi shoots back. Felix and his crew steal cars for Miami kingpin Tony Soto. Westen’s plan is to attack Felix’s business. “Tony won’t back Felix if we put him out of business,” he says. “A new gang of car thieves is coming to town.” Westen, Sam and Fi don their best suits, jump into a car and waylay Felix in the street. They burn a hole in the gangster’s engine and deliver a warning. “Felix – it’s time for you to leave Miami,” Westen says.

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