Children's Hospital

Tuesday, 3 August 2010, 7:30PM – 8:00PM on ITV1

Episode Eleven: Amelia Pringle Price

At the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, three year old Amelia Pringle Price needs urgent brain surgery ��” but the risks are high. Amelia was born with a rare progressive disease called Moya Moya which affects just one in a million. The blood vessels that supply blood to Milly’s brain are too narrow, which means she could have a life threatening stroke at any time.

“I’m scared of letting her cry because it could bring on a stroke at any time” explains mum Natasha. It’s been an incredibly difficult decision to agree to the operation, which took Natasha five weeks to reach: “I added up the pros and cons and they were exactly the same”.

Although Milly appears to be in good health, her condition means that she is in permanent danger. Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon Ian Kamaly explains: “Moya Moya is just a time bomb waiting to go off”. While it’s possible to grow out of the disease, Milly’s scans reveal that her condition is getting worse. So today she’s arrived for the operation that could save her life ��” but also runs the risk of inducing a stroke during surgery. Mum Natasha says “I’m absolutely dreading it; we’re really close ��” we do everything together”.

Milly’s condition is so rare that Mr Kamaly only performs the operation once or twice a year; during the eight hour surgery, he will attempt to divert an artery from the side of her head and stitch it onto her brain. It it works it will help to increase the blood flow to Milly’s brain.

The operation goes well; it will take six months to find out if the blood flow has improved, but more immediately the team will discover if Milly has avoided a stroke during surgery which could have caused brain damage. When she wakes up, Milly is alert ��” all the signs are good, and at last she and her family can look forward to a future without fear.

Also on Children’s Hospital: in the dedicated Children’s A&E department, doctors treat up to five children a day with eye problems. Today, 13 year old Sinead is brought in with ulcers in her eye. The team also treats four year old Amy’s head injury and Dr Phil Riley, Consultant in Paediatric Rheumatology sees 12 year old Joshua who has juvenile arthritis.

Series producer: Tanya Cohen
Executive producer: Mark Downie

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