Eli Stone

Friday 6 August, 9:00pm on Fiver

Praying for Time (Series 1: 8/13) Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US legal drama starring Jonny Lee Miller as a lawyer with prophetic powers. In this episode, Eli clashes with Patti when he represents a property developer who wants to tear down Patti’s old neighbourhood. ADA Sweren is accused of malpractice in relation to the Jayson Turk trial. Eli is preparing for his first case since Jordan begrudgingly welcomed him back to the fold, when an earthquake strikes his apartment. He flees outside, only to discover that no one else has noticed the tremors. From past experience, the lawyer suspects that the vision might be related to his latest case, representing property developer Arvin Salinsky. The developer is seeking to raze the neglected Silver Terrace estate to the ground and build luxury flats on the land. The current residents are suing Salinsky because the changes will price them out of the area and force them to leave their homes. Patti, who grew up in Silver Terrace, is furious with Eli for helping Salinsky. “He’s just a developer,” Eli shrugs when she gives him the cold shoulder. “He’s developing my friends and family straight out of their homes,” Patti reminds her boss, icily. After another bizarre earthquake experience, Eli seeks Chen’s advice. With the therapist’s help, he is able to relive the earthquake that hit his apartment. However, this time Eli glances over at the television, which is playing a report about a serious earthquake hitting Silver Terrace. Eli realises that he must win the case and get the residents evicted in order to save their lives. At his first meeting with Salinsky, Eli urges him to offer the Silver Terrace residents a $20million settlement on the condition that they leave their homes immediately. However, Eli’s handling of the case riles Taylor. “Don’t you know it’s malpractice to shove a settlement down your client’s throat?” she chides him, prompting Eli to confess to his belief that an earthquake will strike the housing estate.

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