Ghost Whisperer on Living

9:00pm Wednesday, August 4 on LIVING

What is it like to be a medium who can communicate with souls that have passed over to the other side?

Few know better than renowned psychic James Van Praagh, who put his intimate knowledge of living with a paranormal gift to good use in helping to develop hit US drama Ghost Whisperer. Now in its fifth season, the show follows the life of smouldering small-town mum Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Know What You Did Last Summer) who can communicate with the dead.

It’s Halloween this week and the scary things roaming Melinda’s neighbourhood are not all just kids in costumes. Aiden is worrying his parents with his tales of invisible friends, and after seeing a children’s storybook about the legend of Sleepy Hollow, ghostly hoofbeats haunt Melinda. Is this headless horseman just a child’s fearful dream brought to life by Aiden’s extraordinary empathetic powers, or could the spirit of a local equestrian be trying to communicate a secret from the other side?

Melinda’s husband Jim is a doctor and offers another theory to explain the apparently decapitated spirit – perhaps a patient with a severe spinal cord injury is trying to reach Melinda. She looks into the idea and discovers a worker at a local horse farm died of just such an injury. Now she just has to determine why the young man is unable to rest in peace, this week only on LIVING

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