Glee to take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Glee has been a TV juggernaut… one that is showing no sign of slowing at any point. It’s the High School Musical it’s okay to like. It’s turned grown-ups into gibbering wrecks, pie-eyed and stir-crazy when needing a fix of the show. And now, it’s going to go even more camp… with added vamp.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has unveiled details of an episode based on Richard O’Brien’s iconic Rocky Horror Show musical.

Reports from Comic-Con say that the executive producer is planning a prom date for Kurt Hummel in the musical comedy’s second season, which starts from September.

Murphy teased: “People think we’re going to get bigger and bigger, but we’re doing it in a different direction. I want to see a whole episode of Brittany, I want to see more about Artie and Tina.

“The second season is designed to be a little more intimate. It’s feedback from the fans – they want more of the people they’ve grown to love. We’re going to do a couple tribute episodes.

“Also we’re going to do five musical numbers per episode on average, as opposed to eight, because I think that got a little too much.”

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