K-Ville: Boulet in a China Shop

Wednesday 18 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, Boulet discovers that a man whose life he saved during the storm is running a protection racket affecting some of his oldest friends. But when orthodox methods of apprehending the criminal prove futile, Boulet’s sense of guilt leads him to take the law into his own hands. After the officers are alerted to a shooting at a Mardi Gras supply warehouse by an anonymous 911 call, they arrive on the scene to find two bodies. One is the owner of the warehouse, the other a petty criminal. A noise from inside one of the carnival floats alerts Cobb to the presence of a third man, who has escaped unharmed. Boulet is astonished when he realises that the survivor, Owen Giles, is a man he saved from a rooftop during the storm. Cobb immediately suspects that Owen is behind the killings when he realises that the guns were placed in the dead men’s hands after they were killed. Boulet, however, is angered by Cobb’s refusal to accept that the man he saved is of good character. “You swam out of that prison and started over,” he snarls. “You think second chances start and end with you?” Boulet decides that the next step to clearing his friend’s name is to locate the person who made the anonymous emergency call. He quickly identifies him as Stanley Azabian, the owner of a nearby praline shop. Back at the station, Stanley immediately picks Owen out as the person who shot the two men, much to Boulet’s disbelief. “I saved the life of a killer,” he rages at Owen. “You’re going to die in prison.” However, Lyndsey warns Boulet that she does not have enough evidence to make the charges against Owen stick, because Stanley has suddenly refused to testify. “Come back to me with a witness, or some hard evidence, or let it go,” she tells him.

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